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Venice Public Transportation App

Venice Public Transportation App

This Application aims at making the use of public transportation in Venice as easy and effortless as possible.

It learns the user preferences and immediately proposes the most likely boat stop and boat line one is likely to want to catch based on the current location, time and day of the week.  

It allows alerts to be activated to warn the user when he/she needs to get moving to catch the next boat.  It even goes as far as providing a "pacing" sound (like a metronome) to keep the user on track for the boat as he/she walks to the boat stop.  It also gives a heads up when the destination stop is coming up, once you are already on the boat.

Finally, the app accepts payment for the boat fare and provides a unique QR code to confirm the payment has been made.

The ACTV, the Venice Transportation Authority has shown a keen interest in the app, which would cost them nothing, provided a small fee can be retained from the sales of the tickets, as is already done for local stores who sell tickets on the ACTV behalf.